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MaxxSales & Marketing Manager

Plan - Present - Sell
   • Product(s) assessment
   • Create and prioritize sales call list
   • Meet with retailers
   • Meet with food service accounts 
     (caterers, restaurants, hotels, resorts and more)
   • Meet with distributors
   • Set up national broker network
   • Shipping Logistics assistance

   • Assess current marketing program
   • Review, update or create website
   • Create 1 year budget
   • Update/Create promotional tools -  advertising, POS, 
     IRC’s, allowances, demos and public events
   • Create allowance amounts and one year calendar for
     distributors, retailers and food service businesses
   • Plan promotions with retailers and distributors
   • Create POS (sell sheets, shelf talkers & recipe cards)
   • Help plan trade shows & events
   • Consultation for public events & contacts
   • Consultation for charitable donations
   • Press Release creation and management

MaxxSales & Marketing Manager Services
Increasing your sales is our number one priority.

We offer the following services in order to accomplish your SALES GROWTH.
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